Although small, termites are incredibly dangerous and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

The saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ rings true when it comes to termites as by the time a termite nest is located, there may already be significant destruction to your home. 

Immediate action is required if evidence of a termite infestation is found in your home, and we'd encourage you to promptly call on Mr Bugs for expert assistance as soon as you see any signs.

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Here's a look at some vision we've captured of termite nests around the Illawarra region:

There are a range of ways that termites can be eradicated from your home including dusts, chemicals or baiting. These termite treatment measures are completely safe for your family members, including the furry ones. 

The process of exterminating termites begins with a termite inspection which will help our team formulate an individual termite treatment plan for your property.

And because the Illawarra region is a popular haven for termites, it's important that you carry out regular termite and pest inspections on your property, to ensure if there's any evidence of termite activity we can stop them in their tracks as early as possible, before any major damage is done.

With multiple decades worth of experience, our team at Mr Bugs are the Illawarra's experts in termite control and prevention. We'll assess your situation and talk you through the options to help rid your home of termite troubles.

We can protect your home from termite attack with baiting and monitoring, treated barrier zones and other methods.

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